When Abby Met Claud


Meet the Team…Head Chef, Kevin

We have told you about us, the whole WAMC story, but that is just a pinch.  What really makes us special is the team behind us.

As a small start up, any Head Chef is taking a chance, ours was at a position for 10 years and had enough faith in WAMC to come on board!  He also worked with Abby a few moons ago, so she must be ok!

Kevin Mckenzie, our Head Chef leads a small team with BIG expectations, he has brought on the best (he says that as he trained them from scratch).  They have unwavering respect for him, and only take orders from him! (you’ve heard the saying ‘never work with kids or animals?’, add chefs to that!)  We have tried to go behind his back believe me, but failed, even when Claud says ‘I do payroll, you know’!  He catches us out every time, and they are TEAM KEV all the way!

A family man with a wife, the beautiful Nikei (who must also love WAMC to understand the long hours), and three kids, he has devoted himself to WAMC, but also Abby and Claud, wanting them them to succeed is at the core of his heart.  He is the first to praise, but my lord will he bring you down a peg when needed.

As we were building the menu of all our favourite foods, Kev reminded us of his Jamaican roots and his skill of always cooking chicken perfectly…and rice of course (our mothers even asked for tips), so we put Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas on the menu.  Not being a Jamaican restaurant we didn’t think it would sell…OMG were we wrong! We are almost famous for Kev’s Jerk Chicken! Reviews such as ‘I have had Jerk Chicken everywhere, and this is the BEST, this sauce is amazing’  Kev, your Jamaican parents would  be proud!

Let’s find out a little more about our Head Chef…

(Claud asking questions)

  • If you weren’t a Head Chef what would you be:
    • Mechanic – I always wanted a Mercedes when I was younger (Claud: I’m sure you have one now? We can’t pay thaaaat bad lol, I’m still getting the bus)
  • Favourite WAMC Dish:
    • Prawn Mac N Cheese
  • Favourite WAMC Drink:
    • Claud’s Margarita (Claud: ha! you always ask for a Pina Colada Marg, but I make mine!)
  • Favourite 90s song or band:
    • Boys 2 Men – End of the Road (Claud: what about Britney Kev: Shut up Claud)
  • Best thing about working at WAMC:
    • Atmosphere (Claud: not when you are giving out! lol)
  • Favourite spice girl:
    • Ginger (Sorry, Nikei)
  • Britney or Christina:
    • Britney (Finally a right answer)

We love you Kev, thanks for all your support and hard work!

Lots of Love,

Abby and Claud xxx









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When Abby Met Claud

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