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The WAMC Roast Dinner is BACK

Sunday Funday is coming to When Abby Met Claud this Winter, as the WAMC ROAST DINNERS are back! We have added a Jamaican Beef pot roast in to the mix this time, as Jamaica and England go head to head in the WAMC Roast Cup.

Our front of house team are backing our classic English HG Walter roast with crispy roast potatoes, Claud’s mums Yorkshire Puddings,  the creamiest cheesiest dreamiest Cauliflower Cheese and of course lashing of gravy.

The Kitchen, led by Jamaican born Kevin are routing for the Beef Pot Roast – Beef packed with those Caribbean flavours we all love – choose between traditional roast trimmings or opt for Rice and Peas.

Join us every Sunday for October 30th as we go head to head with the WAMC Roast Cup – who will take the crown?

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When Abby Met Claud

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